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Fabric Roller Shades
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Over 70 Fabric Colors to Choose From
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Soft Fabric Roman Shades
Nearly 300 Colors to Choose From!
Free Cordless & Clutch Control Upgrades!
7 Roman Styles to Choose From!
Wide Variety of Product Enhancements
Over 300 Fabric Colors to Choose From
Cordless Clutch Upgrade
Vertical Solutions
Vertical Solutions
Folding Panels and Sliding Panels
Made from Bamboo or Fabric.
Privacy Liner and Classic Valance Optional.
Folding Panels Classic Valance Privacy liner
Top Treatments
Top Treatments
Over 140 Colors to Choose From!
30 Fabric Valance Styles
10 Woven Valance Styles
7 Upholstered Cornice Styles
Fabric Top Treatments Woven Valances Upholstered Cornices

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The products featured below are script generated. In other words, our site records and then displays a list of products that were sold in a specific increment of time - typically an hour. The list is provided merely to give you ideas in terms of different types of window coverings and accessories that you might not have considered before coming to the site.


The following are recent customer testimonials. When possible, I will use pictures they provide, but it's rare for customers to send me pictures and so when necessary I have to use professional room setting photos of the product ordered.

This is a split-draw Natural Folding Panel w/the pattern Sunrise Natural and privacy liner. The valance was purchased separately. Submitted by: T. Johnson Hudsonville, MISee Natural Folding Panel

Just wanted to let you know, 9 days from date of order the romans are installed, look and fit perfect. You have a very nice service that your company should be very proud to have. L. Lawson Bryan, OhioSee Fabric Roman Shades

Shawn, we received the order as promised and we are extremely happy with the quality of the merchandise. Installation was, surprisingly, quickly accomplished. T. Beagan Oswego, NYSee Zebra Sheer Roller Shades

We have received our order and are very pleased. This has been one of our best online purchase experiences. Your website is excellent. Many thanks, A. Pearson Easton, PA See Natural Roman Shades offers high quality custom-built window coverings to include fabric roman shades, natural roman shades, light filtering, blackout and solar roller shades, sheer window shadings, bamboo and fabric sliding panels, natural woven folding panels, premium top treatments and more.

We currently do not sell mini blinds, vertical blinds or wood blinds simply because these are a dime a dozen online and in most cases the supplier is the same for all retailers. We're constantly on the look out for unique American-made slatted window blinds and when/if we find products that fit our criteria we'll be expanding our collection. See more.

Window Covering Buying Guide

Window treatments are not only essential for privacy, light and temperature control, but also play a big role in the decor of your home. Custom window coverings are a sizeable investment and good research will help you make a choice that will satisfy your needs. Before you begin here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What is your budget?
  • What are the dimensions of your windows?
  • What type of window do you want to cover? Bay window, French doors, arch ... etc.
  • What needs must the window covering address? Privacy, aesthetics, heat control, light control. sound control ... etc.
  • What kind of life span do you want from your investment and how often are you ready to maintain and clean your window treatments?

A look at the trends
Renewable materials such as bamboo and recycled materials have gained enormously in popularity in recent years. Your decorating preferences ultimately determine the style of window shades and window blinds that you install. We like made of bamboo, wood or even fabrics. They can suit any type of right-angled windows and are usually easy to install. People are increasingly concerned about the future of our planet, so we select suppliers that reflect these values.

Choosing the right window covering
The function of the room, the visual impact you desire, the location, size and shape of the window are all elements to be considered when it comes time to choose a window covering. Do you need privacy or do you let the light? Is your decor country or contemporary? The answers to these questions will help you to choose the perfect covering for your windows. Choosing the right window treatment can transform an ordinary room into a charming decor. Fans of minimalist styles will turn to the simple lines and contemporary shades, while those with more traditional tastes often choose textured fabrics with large vibrant patterns.

The orientation and location of the sun relative to the windows is important in the choice of fabric. The south-facing windows receive the sun all day, which could cause some fabrics and to fade. The windows facing north are often dark: a fabric with warm colors could bring brightness. But keep in mind certain principles: plain fabrics in harmony with the color of the walls create a serene atmosphere - fabrics in contrast with the wall color accentuate the window - a fabric with very large patterns will be more appropriate in a large bright room than in a small room - warm and bright colors tend to shrink the space while cool colors tend to enlarge it. Too large a contrast between the color of the window shade fabric and the wall color is to be avoided, such as using dark colored curtains in a room with pale walls.

Practical advice
The windows are part of the important elements of a room, and how we dress them can make a difference. It is important to consider a number of practical and aesthetic aspects in order to find the window covering for your decor.

When choosing window treatments, it is important to consider the size of the interior space to keep the right proportions. If the window is small compared to the rest of the room, install the window shade beyond the edges of the window to make it appear larger. Remember that the shades do not have to follow the shape of the windows. Instead, they can correct some defects. For example, by installing the shades outside of the opening, you can change the proportions of a narrow window.

If your window covering allows you to see outside during the day, it means that people can see inside your home at the night. Choose louvered shades made of transparent fabric so you can still see outside during the day but you can also control the amount of light while preserving your privacy at all times.

To give the impression that a window or room is larger, choose pale, soft colors like lemon yellow, a sea foam green or a blue sky. Match the color of the drapes with the walls to create a less contrasting harmony that allow the eye to encompass the entire room. Depending on your choice, you can get a very sunny room, diffuse light or create a very dark environment. The need for light control and privacy are different from one room to another, and it is always possible to obtain the level of control you need.

If your windows overlook a busy street, the noise can become a problem. Fabric window coverings can absorb noise while creating a more serene indoor environment.

Window Blinds vs. Window Shades

Window Blinds
Window Blinds use slatted material made from a variety of fabrics and man-made/natural materials like bamboo, wood, composite wood and PVC. The slats can be from a 1/2" to 4" or more which can be tilted for varying degrees of privacy and light control. The slatted material can run horizontally (mini blinds, wood blinds, composite blinds, sheer blinds and shutters) or vertically (sliding panels and vertical blinds).

Window Shades
Window shades have a single panel of fabric/material (unless blackout/privacy liner is added) which can be hand traversed or operated with a spring tension device, a continuous cord loop clutch, or a cordless lift system. Examples include natural roman shades, bamboo shades, fabric roman shades, roller shades and window quilts. Window shades can be made from a variety of fabrics to include polyester, cotton, fiberglass and even beautiful woven materials like bamboo, wood, jute and straw.

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