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Many people are not aware that bamboo is one of the most environmentally-friendly materials in the world right now. It grows very quickly so supplies can be replenished in no time at all. It is also a very durable material that is used in many different applications such as bamboo flooring and bamboo shades. This material is being used more and more often for window coverings because when it is woven with other sustainable materials such as jute, wood, just and grass, patterns are crafted into beautiful shades that are durable and long lasting. One of the most popular styles of shades made from bamboo is the Roman shades, classic, waterfall and hobbled. Below are some enhancements and upgrades that can be ordered with our bamboo shades. See more.

Clutch Lift
Many shade pulley systems can be dangerous because of the cords that can get tangled or cause a choking hazard. With the cord loop, raising and lowering your large shades is made easy and stress free. Because of the continuous chain, you don't have to worry about any cords dangling or get tangled. This is also a much safer system for those with children and pets. This system is just as easy to install with your bamboo shades as the standard equipment that is offered.

Edge Banding
If you want to create a more dramatic look for your blinds then consider edge banding. These are 2" pieces of fabric that are laminated to the front edge of the shade and/or valance. Many people add the edge banding to merely add a contrasting color to their blinds. For instance, it is possible to add a dark edge banding to a light colored bamboo shade or vice versa. Keep in mind that these accents are only attached to the front of the blind so they will not be seen from the outside of the window, only in the interior.

The Scalloped Valance
One option is to choose a decorative valance rather than the standard one offered. The Scalloped Valance is easy to install as it is shipped attached to the bamboo shade's head rail. These come in four different styles and can be made in the same color and material as your shades.

Privacy and Blackout Lining
All bamboo shades can be made with privacy or blackout lining. For those who want their room to be dark during the day or who do not want their neighbors to be able to see in their homes, this is a great option. These are also great for a home theater to keep external light out when watching movies.

The Design Perspective
You don't have to limit bamboo to furniture only, you can also put it on your windows. I've worked with a number of clients over the years and one of my secret weapons is bamboo blinds. What I love about natural roman shades is that you get a custom fit, a custom design and the turn around is super quick. In addition, the installation is super easy, no muss no fuss - just 2" screws to attach the valance board to the mounting surface. A 6" valance covers up all the hardware and you get a really beautiful custom curtain. Woven Woods come in a great selection of colors, styles and optional upgrades.

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